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Learn Artificial Intelligence for work. Learn how to solve problems in Sub-Saharan Africa with Applied Data Science, Machine Learning and Aritifial Intelligence. Get to know ways to optimize and automate work with AI. Become proficient in modern digital skills. The future of work is here.

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“The Terminalien AI carriculum is well packed with great contents. Am particularly impressed with the virtual mentoring feature that helps you improve and develop very fast. I can't wait to participate”

Vilma Juglein

Co-Founder - Lexer Codes Inc.

Why join us?

Our sessions are community based and fully online.

Participate in the sessions virtually and explore the data paths options.

Learn user interface design & user experience design (UX)

Learn to design user interfaces from scratch and add advanced user interactions.

Acquire industry standard project management skills

Learn to manage your project efficiently as you develop your software.

Learn to use efficient web development tools and services

Learn to build web projects with the best tools and services available.

Learn to use data analytics to make informed decisions

Master the use of data analytics tools and platforms to create meaningful information for firms.

Learn application ready data science project deployment skillsets

Acquire fast AI deployment and maintenance skillsets with industry standard tools.

Our Online Course Categories

Every industry topic is covered under catgories

Popular Courses

Get started with our beginner friendly courses. Get the skillsets for the future of AI.

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Essentials

Learn Artificial Intelligence tools and services for work.

  • 25 Lectures
  • 4h 30m
  • 5
Beginners Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

Learn Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks from scratch.

  • 25 Lectures
  • 4h 30m
  • 5
Applied Data Science Applied Data Science

Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence to solve real world problems.

  • 25 Lectures
  • 4h 30m
  • 5

What you would be building

We have lined up 9 complete projects with content and user management systems, authentication and authorization.
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Virtual Mentorship

Our learning methodology features an excellent virtual mentorship that guides, teaches, tests and suggest courses for areas that you're dificient in.

Terminalien believes technology should be such that, it can be used for it's intended purpose without excessive modification.

Career Paths

We focus on many career options in Artificial Intelligence sector that provides ready jobs and other tech related opportunities.

  • Fullstack Data Scientist, Web
  • Fullstack Data Scientist, Mobile
  • Stop Searching

    The concept of Artificial Intelligence can be dificult to understand but with the right guidance it's quite a fun activity.

    • Clear and understandable lessons and guides
    • Free access to quality resources and references
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    Featured Articles

    Up to date information and news from the world of AI and futuristic stuff.

    AI technology used to track asbestos cancer tumours

    Patients receiving treatment for a rare cancer linked to asbestos exposure are being assessed with artificial intelligence in a pilot project. Scotland has the highest incidence of mesothelioma in the world, connected to traditional heavy industry...

    Four ways AI can help tackle climate change

    2020 was a transformative year. It brought profound trials, tribulations and losses – but it has also highlighted the power of AI and other technologies to solve today’s most urgent challenges. 

    Big undertakings r...

    Regulate AI or risk 'dehumanisation' at work, British unions say

    AI algorithms are increasingly used in the hiring, firing and daily decisions of work life but the law has not kept up, according to a report by Britain's Trades Union Congress (TUC). Cases include AI favouring men over women, penalising ethnic mino...

    Bias in AI is a diversity problem. Here's how to solve it

    Data scientists ‘train’ AI programs by feeding them with huge sets of data. The AI program can then make judgements, predictions and identify patterns based on this data. The controversy about using AI to make big decisions, such as hiring or cri...

    How artificial intelligence may be making you buy things

    The shopping lists we used to scribble on the back of an envelope are increasingly already known by the supermarkets we frequent. Firstly via the loyalty cards we scan at checkouts, and more and more so from our online baskets, our shopping habits...

    AI at work: Staff 'hired and fired by algorithm'

    The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has warned about what it calls “huge gaps” in UK employment law over the use of artificial intelligence at work. 

    The TUC said workers could be “hired and fired by algorithm&r...

    Elon Musk's Neuralink 'shows monkey playing Pong with mind'

    Neuralink, Elon Musk's computer to brain interface firm, has released a video it claims shows a monkey playing the video game Pong with its mind. Its brain signals were sent wirelessly via an implanted device. 

    The hope i...

    'By Africans, for Africans': Female entrepreneur pioneers facial recognition tech

    Charlette N'Guessan Desiree loved maths and science as a student in Ivory Coast, but never imagined she would one day use her problem-solving savvy to develop facial recognition technology more adept at identifying and verifying African faces....

    Artificial intelligence diagnoses lung cancer

    Artificial intelligence is better than specialist doctors at diagnosing lung cancer, a US study suggests. The researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois and Google hope the technology could boost the effectiveness of cancer screening. Find...

    What is AI? What does artificial intelligence do?

    Artificial intelligence - or AI for short - is technology that enables a computer to think or act in a more 'human' way. It does this by taking in information from its surroundings, and deciding its response based on what it learns or sens...

    The push towards artificial intelligence in Africa

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting technologies today, and Africa doesn't want to be left behind. Today a majority of the AI industry is in North America, Europe and Asia. 

    Efforts are bei...

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