Useful Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence can largely be measured by the positive impact it has on society. Organizations are able to access more data today than ever before. But it’s of no value unless you know how to put your data to work. These are some case studies observed by firms like Oracle, Facebook and Microsoft.

The entertainment industry is booming, and AI has provided its input. Many professionals in the fields of filmmaking, marketing, advertising, game development, and a variety of entertainment services accept on AI unleashing an entirely new approach to AI creativity. Most of the entertainment companies adopt AI to drive investments and focus on delivering high-quality content that grabs the attention of audience. Augmented Intelligence and robots find applications in entertaining viewers and offering them an excellent next-gen experience.
Aviation requires an extensive look at the landscape; the kind of innovation technologies can lead into meaningful applications – something where operators can see or experience the benefit in a meaningful and impactful way, that would significantly change the enterprise over the course of time; The kind of aviation eco-system needed to deliver those kinds of AI applications and advanced analytics applications; an application development roadmap to get airlines to advanced analytics and AI applications; and then a couple of cases to illustrate how meaningfully these things can come together.

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